10 Months and Counting…

By Colleen

I can’t believe it’s been 10 months already! Funny to think that when I first started at BTG, I though I was in way over my head! However, in the past 10 months I feel I have learned more about myself as a person and how to think like an entrepreneur, than my whole life put together.

At first, I found myself being overwhelmed by the amount of information I just received from BTGUniversity and it began to make me nervous and lack confidence in myself.  My speech was way to fast, I moved to fast and I reacted even faster. In fact my first feedback was “Colleen, You’re way too fast” . However, after becoming more confident with the products and guiding the customer to the right product I became more and more confident with myself that I was giving the customer the best product and of course with time eventually the nerves wore off. But, my biggest hurdle was slowing down, I Just couldn’t figure how to do it… I knew I was missing something. After speaking with Rachel on several occasions with my frustration of not being able to slow down she told me to ask myself one question ” Why do I think it’s important to slow down?” and that’s when it clicked if I don’t slow down how can I expect my team to see me as a leader? How can they trust me with building their careers? and the answer was they won’t. I needed to be slow in order to think slow and be able to process information and deliver a slow and thoughtful response.

And in 10 months I have made a significant change specifically the way I communicate is a lot slower and I definitely take my time to think before i respond.  When speaking with my team I see that they understand me right away without me having to repeat myself. When giving feedback I have found that I am usually uncovering facts about my team that they are truly unaware of,  which lets me know I am digging past the surface and really taking my time to think about what I see. The results of change are apparent when I see my team applying the feedback that I gave them and growing. I also apply this outside of work because I even notice that I walk slower! I even handle my life situations with the same slow thought process because what I have learned is that when you want to change there should never be an ON and OFF switch,  the change must occur 24/7! In the past 10 months I have worked in 3 different stores, learning and growng in each one but the change finally became apparent when I was sent to the last store, as the leader of that store!! There is without a doubt I still have some growing to do but I am fully embracing the change!


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