BTG Cares

By Jillian

I majored in management in college and just graduated last year; 2012. Though I was interested in business I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do after graduation until I found Blinds To Go.

I had no idea about blinds and shades and how much there was to know, but I discovered that the company was about more than just selling blinds. Over the past nine months, I have learned a lot about myself both professionally and personally. I have had the chance to work with many different people here, all of which have helped my development. My managers and team have helped me see, understand, and improve on aspects of being a great leader which I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. The company culture of constantly giving and receiving feedback is unlike any other company I have come across. I have learned that feedback is essential and that without it no one would grow. Overall it is a great company that gives you the tools and pushes you to better yourself. They really care about you and want you to reach your goals and succeed. I have enjoyed my experience so far and look forward to the future at Blinds To Go.

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