BTG is Great for Me!

By Diana L.


I joined the company because, I wanted to challenge myself and establish a better future for me and my family. In the beginning feedback was a little hard, and it was not easy for me to realize that for 21 years I was just living my life on the surface. When I finally understood what that meant I started growing.



This job has shown me how important it is to set up goals, and plan how to reach them. I’ve learned that no matter how hard the road can be, or how many things can go in the wrong direction, I need to stand up and keep trying until i accomplish it.

Hard work is a quality that this company pays for. It does not matter where you are from or how long you have been with the company. what really matters is what you can do.

it was nice to know that no matter what i was struggling with, there was always somebody to help me fix my development areas, i feel so thankfull for everything  that the only thing i can do to pay it back, is to be here to help everyone around me fix their development areas, and grow the same way as im still growing and I hope it never stops.

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