Building Relationships

By Mina T.

            Building relationships is essential to become successful in life.  It is true when you make your first friend in school to when you are working in the “real world.” These connections are people who will help you learn, grow, and succeed to what you are working towards to. Blinds To Go will help you with that in the Management Training Program.

In Blinds To Go, you have to work on building relationships with everyone around you from your colleagues to your customers or clients. When you first start out, you have to get to know your team and connect with them on some level. You always want to work in an affable environment that is supportive and positive.  Blinds To Go does provide that. They always try to hire people who are honest and open-minded.


Then you have to work on building relationships with your customers. Although you will only spend about 30-40 minutes with each customer, you should still build some sort of a connection. Sometimes customers need that extra bond in order to buy from you. Some of the topics you can talk about can include weather, food, décor, family, sports, or whatever it is that can get a conversation going. If you are not very personable, but are working to change that, you can always smile. That smile can make your customer happier and you just look nicer to everyone around you. Personally, that’s what I did. I try to smile all the time and everyone who I helped out with thought I was really nice and helpful. From there, I was able to get more customers by referral so bonding does help increase your sales. If you can build a relationship with customers just by spending a half hour with them, you can definitely connect with anyone.


You can use the skills to bond with people in your everyday life such as talking to the mailman or your neighbor.  Once you build that relationship, they can help you out in certain situations. You can also use those skills in networking events so that you can connect with other people professionally. You never know who these people might know that can help you, so start creating bonds and foraging friendships!

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