Finding Success

By Laura Burchat

My experience at Blinds-To-Go has been nothing but positive. I had suffered a personal loss, but my team was there for me everyday. Amazing team, amazing support.

Since then, I have come a long way through feedback and personal development. When I first started at Blinds-To-Go University, my initial feedback was that I spoke too fast and I interrupted. I did not realize the impression I gave to people, but I understood where my team was coming from.

Over the course of a year, I am speaking much slower and precise to make sure that I am communicating more effectively. As well, I do not interrupt anymore and because of this, I know it shows  respect to the people I am working with and as well the customer. Prior to working at Blinds-To-Go I was never confident in the choices I made. My team within this organization has made me become more confident in the choices I make because they reassure me that no matter what my decision is, I can learn from the outcome. My Blinds-To-Go family has helped me become stronger, more confident, and definitely more self aware. I couldn’t thank them enough!

Blinds-To-Go is a great company that brings you to your full potential.


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