Focusing on the Big Picture

By Ashley

I just joined an adult beginner golf league, and believe me, I am a beginner. I have been to the driving range probably once in my life, and the only course I have ever stepped foot on is a putt-putt course. The first two weeks we spent at the driving range, learning the basics of grip and stance. We practiced with different irons and drivers. And we also took turns on the putting green, learning to putt and chip.

There are so many things to remember! How much should I bend my legs and my back? Make sure I keep my head down and my arms straight. Where should I place my feet and my hands? The distance and angle I hold my club. Making sure I don’t jerk my body and learning to separate torso and hip movements. Also, you can’t forget the follow-through and the transfer of weight. It is so hard to remain consistent and almost impossible to remember everything the moment you are trying to swing. The one thing the instructor said to me was that I was having trouble figuring out how to distribute my weight.

That comment really resonated with me. Not just in this golf league, but in general. I was focusing on one thing here and there that I just wasn’t getting it. I gripped the club right this time, but my stance was incorrect, or I had a good back swing but a crummy follow-through. Sometimes it is hard to figure out how to correctly distribute your weight (i.e. what you spend your time focusing on). You have to keep that in mind at work as well. Is what you are doing going to help your store and benefit your team? Is there something more important you should be doing? Make sure not to just focus on yourself or little bits and pieces, but the whole picture! It gets easier with time.

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