Growth 101

By Kyle V.

My Blinds To Go Career started in January 2012 after graduating from Humber College the previous year. Prior to Blinds To Go, I’ve always been the “nice guy”, whether it’s with strangers, family or significant others, I always look out for others’ happiness as well as my own. I was hired by the General Manager of the Toronto region, and the one thing I will never forget her saying in the interview was, “You’re a very nice guy, can you see yourself being direct and giving feedback?”. The obvious answer is “Of course” but if I really thought about it, I was new to giving feedback.

If you fast forward to the first couple of months with Blinds To Go, the atmosphere was great and sales were solid, but I still struggled giving feedback to others who had more seniority or experience. Most people’s excuses were “nobody will listen to someone who has been here for 2 months, what do they know?” After a few more sit downs with the manager, I had finally begun to understand what feedback means and how to hold people accountable. If you can give someone feedback and they understand the culture at Blinds To Go, you can watch how fast a person can change and grow into a better person or design consultant.

I am  now an Associate Manager with Blinds To Go. I continue to encourage feedback and hold each other accountable to get results as well as increase the energy in the store. As I continue to build on my career at Blinds To Go, I can only imagine how much more of a leaader I can become with the rest of my team’s feedback.

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