My Journey

By Rhiannon Hornick

I began my journey with BTG in January of 2006. In finding out the training was an all expensed paid trip to Montreal, Qc. I knew this company was different than most!

When I started I had customer service experience but not on the level expected here. This job has taught me the importance of being personable and building trust with each and every customer! Blinds To Go really makes you feel like you’re apart of something on a larger scale, from blogs, questionnaires and contest’s we as employees feel like our thoughts, input and feedback are important!!! Knowing our opinions count I believe is a key fundamental in building a strong successful team! 
I am not only thankful to be employed but to also have a job I truely enjoy!



2 Responses to My Journey

  1. Leroy Stone says:

    A appreciate what you have posted here.

    I had recevied an email from Dave Larson and was curious about this opportunity. I wasn’t sure how much you are willing to say, but if I may present a question or two.

    Is this position strictly commission based or is there an hourly wage along with it as part of your pay structure?

    I completely understand if you are unable to reveal this type of information. I am interested in this position but was curious at how their pay structure was.

    Sincerely, Leroy Stone

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