Not Your Average 9 to 5

customer service

By Carrie Dragicevic

When I first applied at Blinds To Go in the Fall of 2011, I didn’t know what to expect. Fresh out of college, I only saw an opportunity to jump start a career in management with a reputable company. But right from Day One, I started to get the feeling that this would be an experience greater than the standard 9 to 5 office job I’d grown to expect.

customer service

The first thing I did was fly to New Jersey for a week of training. I couldn’t believe it! It was my first business trip, and I felt so honored to know that this company already believed in me enough to invest a substantial amount of money in my education. I had a great time in New Jersey, hanging out with trainees from all over the country and learning so much. And there certainly was A LOT to learn!
I’d never given blinds a second thought (beyond trying to figure out how to open my own!) and had never imagined there was so much to know. At first, I was a little overwhelmed, but everyone I met in New Jersey and back home in my new store (Michigan) assured me that I was doing fine. Everyone was so patient and helpful, and before long I was a confident expert myself, ready to help teach the next batch of new recruits.


Personally, I love learning new things, and – even more than a year in – I still find things to learn every day. Every customer is a new challenge. Some have no idea what they want and it’s my job to listen to their needs and opinions and figure that out with them. Others are sure they know what they’re looking for, but, after talking to them, it becomes clear that we have something better and I get to open their eyes to all of their options. And, of course, there will always be the “easy” customer who really does know what they want and just needs you to place the order.  I never thought I’d say it, but I much prefer the challenge; the chance to solve a puzzle. Creating and havinga satisfied customer feels like a greater reward than any sales figure.
I’ve come to work every day for the last year with a sense of excitement and anticipation. That’s more than I ever expected when I applied, and I’m so glad I found it!


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