Stop Waiting

By Ashley

Why do we procrastinate? How many of you during school completed your essays or assignments well before the due date? How many of you studied earlier than the night before a test? Kudos to those of you that have, but maybe the rest of us need to take a look at our way of doing things. Sure, I still got all A’s, but that was definitely not the best way of going about it. I’m sure I remembered many things just long enough to take my tests, and I bet my essays could have been phenomenal instead of just good.

The past couple of months have caused me to do a lot of self reflection. I have always enjoyed bowling. My dad was a bowler and my parents got me started in a league at the young age of four. Of course, a four year old can hardly handle a ball, let alone be expected to throw it right. However, I continued to throw it wrong all the way through 12 years of age. I was stubborn and I still won trophies and received patches for my age group, but I was never going to get better until I learned the correct way.

Photography has kind of been the same way for me. All throughout high school I had a camera with me. I was even the historian for a couple of clubs. I took my handy little point and shoot everywhere so I had it if any photo opportunity emerged. Now I look back, and kick myself for never taking my photography skills further; learning about DSLR cameras and lenses. I think of how fantastic my photographs could have been and how great I could be now. I would love to take my photography hobby further as a side job, but I have so much to learn and catch up on!

That brings me to my current job, Design Consultant for Blinds To Go. I came into it wanting to be a Manager, but the route to management was taking much longer than expected, and the reason was that I hadn’t pushed myself into it, just like I could have been a much better bowler or photographer quite some time earlier. My advice to you is: MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Not everything is going to come easy, and even if it does, is what you are doing the best you can? If something is worth doing, it is worth doing your absolute best. And that is what I am learning.

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