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Achieving Goals

The atmosphere at Blinds To Go is completely different than my previous job. Before I worked at a large grocery store chain as a manager in training. I never felt that the company appreciated my thoughts or ideas. I was just a person who fulfilled a job. I used to always say that the front door was a revolving door, for hiring and firing. I enjoy working in a retail environment, but I wanted to be treated like a person who mattered. Within my first week of working at BTG, I was astonished by how much they care about me. They were asking my opinion on different situations and making me feel included in the team. Each week we work on goals that help me be a more effective employee and eventually a successful manager. I have grown so much as a person since the day I started and still continue to grow. I have become a much stronger and more independent person. Working here I don’t just sell blinds, I have been able to achieve my personal goals.

Jobs Vs. Careers

By Kyle V.

I am a Business Management graduate from Humber College and have been with the company for just over a year now. When I was first hired in January of 2012, I was not really sure what to expect from the company. I researched a lot about the Management Trainee Program and Fast-Track Management Program and it really intrigued me. For a company to invest in airfare, hotel, and food expenses just for training, I knew I was in good hands.