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By Ashley

Perception is a concept that has always been at the forefront of my mind. I wish it wasn’t, but it has been a nagging constant in my head. I have struggled throughout life, worrying about what people thought of me. I want to be liked. In the past, it has caused me to be shy, and I have refrained from saying things I should have or speaking my mind.

BTG is Great for Me!

By Diana L.


I joined the company because, I wanted to challenge myself and establish a better future for me and my family. In the beginning feedback was a little hard, and it was not easy for me to realize that for 21 years I was just living my life on the surface. When I finally understood what that meant I started growing.


BTG Changed Me

By Ashley Sclafani


I’ve been working at Blinds To Go for just under a year and a half, and applying there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The only job I held prior to Blinds To Go was at a movie theater for four years, and I fell into the college trap of having a degree, but no relevant experience. That, coupled with my anxiety, led to less than stellar interviews. I just needed someone to take a chance on me, and that is how I ended up here.

The Power of Customer Service in Building a Brand

By Rebecca David


Customer service is everything.  It has the power to make or break a company’s image and even just one instance of bad customer service can result in the loss of many customers.  Think about it: when you experience bad customer service with a company, whether it be a lack of salespeople to help you in a store, being put on hold for too long during a phone call, or even a encountering an employee with a bad attitude, how likely are you to tell someone else?  I know for me, if the service is bad enough to be the worst part of my day, I won’t tell just one or two people, but I’ll go on and on about it to my family, friends, and coworkers.

The Customer Service Advantage

By Bryan Morris




In an age where new companies are constantly popping up and disappearing, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have significant differentiating factors.