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My Journey

By Keith H.


I started with the company just under a year ago in the King of Prussia showroom.

Turning Youthful Ego into True Confidence

By Carrie D.

A year and a half ago, fresh out of university with a lifetime of top marks and an ego to match, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. Forget my utter lack of real world experience, as far as I was concerned I could take any job for any company and do it better than anyone else. I knew everything about everything.

Finding Success

By Laura Burchat

My experience at Blinds-To-Go has been nothing but positive. I had suffered a personal loss, but my team was there for me everyday. Amazing team, amazing support.

Learning How To Sell And Learning To Love It

By Rebecca David


I used to cringe at the word “sales” and the very thought of sales as a career choice terrified me.  In fact, the first time I stepped onto the sales floor, even for just a trial sale during training, I felt sick to my stomach; I stuttered, laughed nervously, and couldn’t think straight.  I’m naturally shy and reserved; although I’m not afraid of people, the idea of meeting new people every day and trying to encourage them to buy a product was far beyond my comfort level.  I also wondered how or why any customer would ever trust me, a 20-year-old college intern.  Despite my reservations, I decided to give sales a shot and toss my misconceptions out the window.

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

By Bryan Morris

The key component to anything marketing-related is sales. Whether it be strategic marketing, brand management, or even copy-writing, you have to do be able to do one thing– sell.

Sales are not just about selling a product to a consumer. It is selling a belief and an ideology. It is conveying your thoughts on what direction your company should be moving in. Most importantly sales is and will always be the key determinant for not only the success of the company you work for, but also yourself.