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The Power of Customer Service in Building a Brand

By Rebecca David


Customer service is everything.  It has the power to make or break a company’s image and even just one instance of bad customer service can result in the loss of many customers.  Think about it: when you experience bad customer service with a company, whether it be a lack of salespeople to help you in a store, being put on hold for too long during a phone call, or even a encountering an employee with a bad attitude, how likely are you to tell someone else?  I know for me, if the service is bad enough to be the worst part of my day, I won’t tell just one or two people, but I’ll go on and on about it to my family, friends, and coworkers.

The Customer Service Advantage

By Bryan Morris




In an age where new companies are constantly popping up and disappearing, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have significant differentiating factors.

Learning How To Sell And Learning To Love It

By Rebecca David


I used to cringe at the word “sales” and the very thought of sales as a career choice terrified me.  In fact, the first time I stepped onto the sales floor, even for just a trial sale during training, I felt sick to my stomach; I stuttered, laughed nervously, and couldn’t think straight.  I’m naturally shy and reserved; although I’m not afraid of people, the idea of meeting new people every day and trying to encourage them to buy a product was far beyond my comfort level.  I also wondered how or why any customer would ever trust me, a 20-year-old college intern.  Despite my reservations, I decided to give sales a shot and toss my misconceptions out the window.

How I Grew During My Summer Internship.


By Rebecca David


My summer internship caused me to grow in areas I was not even aware of.  As a college student and one of the youngest employees, I was a little overwhelmed at what to expect.  I wanted to prove to my coworkers, managers, and myself that I had what it took to succeed.  Nevertheless, I lacked real-world experience and the confidence that comes with it.  At the start of my internship, I was not unaware of my strengths and weaknesses, nor was I attentive to my surroundings.  However, through training, feedback from my team, and experiences with customers, I was able to change as a person and grow as a young business professional.

The Informal Advantage


By: Bryan Morris

When I first started working at Blinds To Go, I didn’t think I was going to make it. The first day of work felt like the worst day of my life. I felt out of place and could not foresee myself ever being comfortable being on the sales floor and interacting with customers for 8+ hours. You see, I am on the quiet side of the personality spectrum. For some reason I thought because of this fact I would not be able to be a good salesperson (which as it would later turn out, couldn’t be further than the truth). One of the biggest things I came away with from working at Blinds To Go was a better understanding of the art of conversation.