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Building Relationships

Before I came to Blinds to Go I was working as a graphic designer at a tile company. All my past work experience never required building relationships among coworkers or customers. Having the opportunity to come to BTG gave me an experience in which I was able to work in a team environment. This includes giving and receiving feedback. This has not only made me grow as an employee but also as a person. Working in a team environment we all interact with each other on a daily basis and help each other grow. I have realized that this is an important skill in and out of the store. Being able to interact in a team environment has made coming to work much more exciting and interesting.

My Growth

My Growth

by Michael C.

My name is Michael Columbo and I work at the Blinds To Go “BTG” in Milltown, NJ.  I have worked for BTG for just about 2 years now and have learned more about development and growth than I ever have before.

Looking back on my life before coming to Blinds To Go I can definitely say without a doubt that I was fast, not thoughtful, and definitely not direct.  During my hiring experience, I was flat out told that my growth was going to take a while because I was fast. This was the first time someone had told me that I was fast and that by being fast my personal growth would be a long and slow process.

Shortly after starting to work with my team I was being told by everyone on my team that I was without a doubt “FAST”.  It still did not sink in until month 6th came around.  The entire 6 months my team would constantly give me the same feedback that I was being fast.  It would usually go something like, “Mike your still fast, you need to slow down.”  I wasn’t changing and it showed.  My manager at the time got so fed up that she said I had to change in a week or she would move me to another team.  It came as a shock that the first time in my adult life I was being told to make a change that at first seemed impossible, plus I really liked the store and team I worked with.

Finally, it sunk in and hit me hard, I needed to make a change ASAP.  It was at that point where the “light bulb” turned on.  I made a choice to change.  That night on my drive home it started. I told myself to slow down,as I was laying in bed I thought about slowing down.  The next morning in the shower and on my way to work I thought about slowing down.  Before doing anything inside/outside of work I thought to myself to just slow down.  Within a matter of days, my team was shocked to see that I had started to actually slow down.  My worksheets were looking better and the number of mistakes started to decrease, my decision-making abilities were starting to make more sense, and my team saw this.  I too was finally starting to see a change in myself.  I was becoming more responsible and took accountability for my actions.  It felt good to start working on other areas of my development once I was able to put being fast to bed.

At the present moment, I am still working on being fast.  I find that it is something that I must keep on the top of my mental checklist every day, because if I don’t my team will see me reverting to my old ways.  It is a daily struggle and takes a lot of work to keep being fast under control.  The hard work is worth it when my team notices the change.  This has carried over to my personal life which has helped me to become a more responsible person too.  So at the end of the day after looking back at who I was when I first started working at BTG, I can definitely without a doubt say that I am a different person today.


By Ashley

Perception is a concept that has always been at the forefront of my mind. I wish it wasn’t, but it has been a nagging constant in my head. I have struggled throughout life, worrying about what people thought of me. I want to be liked. In the past, it has caused me to be shy, and I have refrained from saying things I should have or speaking my mind.

My Journey

By Keith H.


I started with the company just under a year ago in the King of Prussia showroom.

Experience Not Required

By Ashley P.

In today’s world it is essential to have 5+ years experience along with a high level of education to obtain a great job. However, when I graduated [like most] I did not have that. I only had minor customer service and sales experience. Blinds To Go turned my “poor” background into something positive and into something they wanted to help me build upon.