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BTG is Great for Me!

By Diana L.


I joined the company because, I wanted to challenge myself and establish a better future for me and my family. In the beginning feedback was a little hard, and it was not easy for me to realize that for 21 years I was just living my life on the surface. When I finally understood what that meant I started growing.


Building Relationships

By Mina T.

            Building relationships is essential to become successful in life.  It is true when you make your first friend in school to when you are working in the “real world.” These connections are people who will help you learn, grow, and succeed to what you are working towards to. Blinds To Go will help you with that in the Management Training Program.

Growth 101

By Kyle V.

My Blinds To Go Career started in January 2012 after graduating from Humber College the previous year. Prior to Blinds To Go, I’ve always been the “nice guy”, whether it’s with strangers, family or significant others, I always look out for others’ happiness as well as my own. I was hired by the General Manager of the Toronto region, and the one thing I will never forget her saying in the interview was, “You’re a very nice guy, can you see yourself being direct and giving feedback?”. The obvious answer is “Of course” but if I really thought about it, I was new to giving feedback.

10 Months and Counting…

By Colleen

I can’t believe it’s been 10 months already! Funny to think that when I first started at BTG, I though I was in way over my head! However, in the past 10 months I feel I have learned more about myself as a person and how to think like an entrepreneur, than my whole life put together.

My Growth

By Sean K.


One of my favorite BTG experiences that has helped me grow was when I worked in store #231.