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Blinds vs. Shades?

By Daniel R.


When I was finished with school,  I bounced around between a couple of different jobs before i was lucky enough to settle in here at Blinds To Go.

Great Start

By Erin


As an intimidated twenty-something walking into a Blinds to Go showroom, I never realized how much this job would change my thinking process.

Building Relationships

By Mina T.

            Building relationships is essential to become successful in life.  It is true when you make your first friend in school to when you are working in the “real world.” These connections are people who will help you learn, grow, and succeed to what you are working towards to. Blinds To Go will help you with that in the Management Training Program.

The Power of Customer Service in Building a Brand

By Rebecca David


Customer service is everything.  It has the power to make or break a company’s image and even just one instance of bad customer service can result in the loss of many customers.  Think about it: when you experience bad customer service with a company, whether it be a lack of salespeople to help you in a store, being put on hold for too long during a phone call, or even a encountering an employee with a bad attitude, how likely are you to tell someone else?  I know for me, if the service is bad enough to be the worst part of my day, I won’t tell just one or two people, but I’ll go on and on about it to my family, friends, and coworkers.