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10 Months and Counting…

By Colleen

I can’t believe it’s been 10 months already! Funny to think that when I first started at BTG, I though I was in way over my head! However, in the past 10 months I feel I have learned more about myself as a person and how to think like an entrepreneur, than my whole life put together.

My Advice for Future Employees


By Nicole


I have been with Blinds to Go for about 3 1/2 years now. In that time, I have been challenged to break out of my shell, take feedback and use it positively, and to guide customers to what they want and need rather than “just selling”.

By Sherry V.


I started my career post college with Blinds To Go and it really has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, and personally.

I Love What I Do

By Olive Cathy


When I first started at Blinds To Go 8 years ago, I knew next to nothing about blinds. I attended Blinds To Go University in Montreal, Canada and met so many nice people in the company and they made me feel right at home. I knew then that I was going to like working for this company.

YES We All Can, Yes We All Can, Yes We All Can…Even Me


By Winston savoy

I started with Blinds To Go on March 17th, 1987.