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By Ashley

Perception is a concept that has always been at the forefront of my mind. I wish it wasn’t, but it has been a nagging constant in my head. I have struggled throughout life, worrying about what people thought of me. I want to be liked. In the past, it has caused me to be shy, and I have refrained from saying things I should have or speaking my mind.

A Day In Life as a Management Trainee

By Mina


Sign In.

Put bags away and quickly sipping my cup of tea.

 Go to the back room and start scanning out the boxes as the other Management Trainees (MT) start putting boxes away in their bins.

Once done, print out the list and check it twice. Make sure there are no extra boxes left over.

Help out fellow MTs with returned merchandise to make sure the blinds were correctly fixed. Everything is fine and in working order. Yay!

 10 AM. It’s show time.

“Good morning. Do you need any help?”

Just Beginning

By Yonnette Jackson


I just graduated from college with my BA in management. I always wanted to work in a company where I can grow as an individual and also grow within the company. I came across blinds to go on the internet and after my first interview, I knew BTG was the company for me to fulfill those dreams.

BTG Changed Me

By Ashley Sclafani


I’ve been working at Blinds To Go for just under a year and a half, and applying there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The only job I held prior to Blinds To Go was at a movie theater for four years, and I fell into the college trap of having a degree, but no relevant experience. That, coupled with my anxiety, led to less than stellar interviews. I just needed someone to take a chance on me, and that is how I ended up here.

Business on Paper and Business in Actuality

By Bryan Morris

As a student enrolled in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech, I am earning a great education in the world of business. I am learning all the terminology and financial components that those working in the field of business should and need to know. I feel extremely more knowledgable than I did a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean everything I learn in school is going to equate to what I do in the real world.