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Turning Youthful Ego into True Confidence

By Carrie D.

A year and a half ago, fresh out of university with a lifetime of top marks and an ego to match, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. Forget my utter lack of real world experience, as far as I was concerned I could take any job for any company and do it better than anyone else. I knew everything about everything.

A Day In Life as a Management Trainee

By Mina


Sign In.

Put bags away and quickly sipping my cup of tea.

 Go to the back room and start scanning out the boxes as the other Management Trainees (MT) start putting boxes away in their bins.

Once done, print out the list and check it twice. Make sure there are no extra boxes left over.

Help out fellow MTs with returned merchandise to make sure the blinds were correctly fixed. Everything is fine and in working order. Yay!

 10 AM. It’s show time.

“Good morning. Do you need any help?”

By Sherry V.


I started my career post college with Blinds To Go and it really has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, and personally.

Just Beginning

By Yonnette Jackson


I just graduated from college with my BA in management. I always wanted to work in a company where I can grow as an individual and also grow within the company. I came across blinds to go on the internet and after my first interview, I knew BTG was the company for me to fulfill those dreams.

Not Your Average 9 to 5

customer service

By Carrie Dragicevic

When I first applied at Blinds To Go in the Fall of 2011, I didn’t know what to expect. Fresh out of college, I only saw an opportunity to jump start a career in management with a reputable company. But right from Day One, I started to get the feeling that this would be an experience greater than the standard 9 to 5 office job I’d grown to expect.