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Building Relationships

Before I came to Blinds to Go I was working as a graphic designer at a tile company. All my past work experience never required building relationships among coworkers or customers. Having the opportunity to come to BTG gave me an experience in which I was able to work in a team environment. This includes giving and receiving feedback. This has not only made me grow as an employee but also as a person. Working in a team environment we all interact with each other on a daily basis and help each other grow. I have realized that this is an important skill in and out of the store. Being able to interact in a team environment has made coming to work much more exciting and interesting.

Building Relationships

By Mina T.

            Building relationships is essential to become successful in life.  It is true when you make your first friend in school to when you are working in the “real world.” These connections are people who will help you learn, grow, and succeed to what you are working towards to. Blinds To Go will help you with that in the Management Training Program.

What I Learned From My Summer Internship: Management at its Finest

By Rebecca David


Great managers make you think


This summer, I had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best managers I’ve ever met as part of a management trainee program.  Through shadowing and working alongside these managers, I’ve learned a few important concepts to great management.