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My Job Experience

By Karen E.


When I first accepted a position at Blinds To Go straight out of college, I really was hoping I had made a good choice.  The problem is, when you are graduating, there are a lot of companies around, all trying to get you to see why their company would be the best choice for you.  The problem with that was, everyone is different, and different things will appeal to different people, so it was really a matter of stepping back, and figuring out which company would offer me a career that fit me best.

Finding Success

By Laura Burchat

My experience at Blinds-To-Go has been nothing but positive. I had suffered a personal loss, but my team was there for me everyday. Amazing team, amazing support.

My Journey

By Rhiannon Hornick

I began my journey with BTG in January of 2006. In finding out the training was an all expensed paid trip to Montreal, Qc. I knew this company was different than most!

BTG Changed Me

By Ashley Sclafani


I’ve been working at Blinds To Go for just under a year and a half, and applying there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The only job I held prior to Blinds To Go was at a movie theater for four years, and I fell into the college trap of having a degree, but no relevant experience. That, coupled with my anxiety, led to less than stellar interviews. I just needed someone to take a chance on me, and that is how I ended up here.

Feedback on Blinds To Go Feedback System

By Bryan Morris


While working at Blinds to Go, I grew not only in terms of being an employee, but also as a person. I attribute this to Blinds To Go’s unique feedback system—everyone gets feedback in the store no matter your seniority.