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Feedback on Blinds To Go Feedback System

By Bryan Morris


While working at Blinds to Go, I grew not only in terms of being an employee, but also as a person. I attribute this to Blinds To Go’s unique feedback system—everyone gets feedback in the store no matter your seniority.

Learning How To Sell And Learning To Love It

By Rebecca David


I used to cringe at the word “sales” and the very thought of sales as a career choice terrified me.  In fact, the first time I stepped onto the sales floor, even for just a trial sale during training, I felt sick to my stomach; I stuttered, laughed nervously, and couldn’t think straight.  I’m naturally shy and reserved; although I’m not afraid of people, the idea of meeting new people every day and trying to encourage them to buy a product was far beyond my comfort level.  I also wondered how or why any customer would ever trust me, a 20-year-old college intern.  Despite my reservations, I decided to give sales a shot and toss my misconceptions out the window.

How I Grew During My Summer Internship.


By Rebecca David


My summer internship caused me to grow in areas I was not even aware of.  As a college student and one of the youngest employees, I was a little overwhelmed at what to expect.  I wanted to prove to my coworkers, managers, and myself that I had what it took to succeed.  Nevertheless, I lacked real-world experience and the confidence that comes with it.  At the start of my internship, I was not unaware of my strengths and weaknesses, nor was I attentive to my surroundings.  However, through training, feedback from my team, and experiences with customers, I was able to change as a person and grow as a young business professional.

Not Your Average 9 to 5

customer service

By Carrie Dragicevic

When I first applied at Blinds To Go in the Fall of 2011, I didn’t know what to expect. Fresh out of college, I only saw an opportunity to jump start a career in management with a reputable company. But right from Day One, I started to get the feeling that this would be an experience greater than the standard 9 to 5 office job I’d grown to expect.