The “Dreaded” Sit Downs…

By: Allison

I remember when I first started working as a Design Consultant at Blinds To Go, everyone on my team explained to me that I would have a sit down once a week. “A sit down?” I remember thinking to myself, what is that? They explained that it would be a weekly meeting with the manager of the store to give me feedback on my progress.  I thought I was pretty open to feedback, so I figured the “sit down” would be a piece of cake.

After having my first sit down with my manager, I realized that it wasn’t what I thought. It actually was a BIG reality check.  My manager basically sat with me and explained everything that I was doing well, but she also had a long list ofthings that I needed to work on to become successful. Although I worked in retail before, I never had a “sit down” with a manager except for my yearly review.  This was new to me, and I didn’t know how to receive it.

After having more weekly sit downs, I realized how much the once “dreaded” sit downs were helping me grow.  I loved the fact that Blinds To Go was so hands on with my development.  Not only was I constantly being trained and developed on a daily basis, but my manager also took the time to sit down with me weekly and go over my progress.   It was amazing to me how clear of a picture my manager had of who I was as a person.  It showed me that she actually thought about who I was, and what I needed to do to become successful.  The feedback given to me wasn’t only helping me grow as a professional but also on a personal level.  It helped me realize things about my self that I didn’t even know I was doing.  Having these sit downs also made me want to constantly improve because they gave me a sense of accountability. Who would’ve thought these once dreaded “sit downs” would’ve been something that I looked forward to having once a week?

Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I ever dreaded sit downs.  I’ve learned and have grown so much from them.  They’ve help mold me into the person that I am today, and for that I’m grateful.  Now off to my next sit down…

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