Turning Youthful Ego into True Confidence

By Carrie D.

A year and a half ago, fresh out of university with a lifetime of top marks and an ego to match, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. Forget my utter lack of real world experience, as far as I was concerned I could take any job for any company and do it better than anyone else. I knew everything about everything.

You can’t get much cockier than a recent grad who was always the smartest kid in class. I’m not proud of it.
Then Blinds To Go took me on, and I was quite sure I’d be running the show in no time.
Turns out the gaps in my real world education were a whole lot bigger than I’d anticipated, and I came crashing down to earth very quickly. But once I’d realized that I knew far from everything, I recognized the great opportunities available to me to learn and grow. Everyone I met in the company was incredibly supportive and happy to help me find my way. I learned that I had only skimmed the surface of customer service in my last job; there was so much more to it. I discovered that I had a natural inclination to leadership that I hadn’t even realized was there, and my managers and senior associates showed me how to develop that and turn leadership potential into actual leadership.
 Today, I can say I have a newfound confidence that I never had before. I recognize now that before it was an inflated ego hiding a fear of failure masquerading as confidence. With the guidance of my team, I’ve learned to differentiate between the two.

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