YES We All Can, Yes We All Can, Yes We All Can…Even Me


By Winston savoy

I started with Blinds To Go on March 17th, 1987.


When I started with Blinds To Go, on my very first day I was so excited to go to work. I was excited to meet people and to learn. This morning when I got up to go to work, almost 26 years have passed by and I am even more excited to get up and go to work to meet people and learn even more.


For me, at Blinds To Go I love to meet people, I love to help people and I love to learn. Over the years, many people have helped me to learn. My different teams have helped develop me. Helped me to be a better and stronger person. Helped me to be a better and stronger human being personally and professionally.


Through the years I have helped to build our company which is Blinds To Go.

Also Blinds To Go has helped me to be an entrepreneur and build my own company, which is me.

Through many training clinics, Saturday morning meetings, sit downs and frequent feedback sessions I had  people to coach and mentor me to become a stronger and better person.


I have always been motivated to listen and learn. Then turned what I learned into actions. Then measured my success of my efforts, my abilities and those of my teams by the amount of sales that we would produce daily.


Yes We All Can… Even You

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